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Daft Punk – Get Lucky – Bass Cover is interesting clip to fulfill your bass curiosity starving and wondering about bass stuff. In this video we will learn a little bit about Daft Punk – Get Lucky – Bass Cover


Daft Punk – Get Lucky – Bass Cover
Thanks to everyone for watching!

Below are some helpful links:

Tabs: http://advancebass.com/transcription/…
Audio: https://soundcloud.com/bassroshi/daft…

Part 1: intro, http://youtu.be/La2KKyBIRu0
PArt 2: verse and chorus http://youtu.be/5bzn2yxs19Y

Sorry for the low budget editing, I used Ableton live to edit the video hence the rough jump cuts.

This video was pieced together from 1 session, ( not 1 take ), it’s not played through but it is possible.

I did play it live, 1 take, on Global TV, it’s a bit faster because I was nervous but you can watch that video here: http://globalnews.ca/video/723593/jim…

There are also a bunch of articles about what a crazy year it’s been for me.
I think this one sums it up pretty well:

Also sorry about the panning, it’s from a patch I used in Ableton live, I certainly won’t use that patch again in the future.

Look the Video Here

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