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How to Play an E Minor Scale | Bass Guitar is interesting clip to fulfill your bass curiosity starving and wondering about bass stuff. In this video we will learn a little bit about How to Play an E Minor Scale | Bass Guitar


How to Play an E Minor Scale | Bass Guitar
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We can think about E minor, like E major and lower the third note of the scale, the sixth note of the scale and the seventh note of the scale, that can be a lot of information. Instead, we can just think about playing our G Major scale, starting on the sixth note of the scale, which is E. Lets review the notes of our G Major Scale. We will start at the G, third Fret on the E String, now Open A, B on the Second Fret and C on the third Fret, Open D, E on the Second Fret of the D String, F Sharp at the Fourth Fret of the D String and finally G. If we go back two notes we will get back our E. And now if we just play the same notes, we’ve just reviewed from the G Major scale, we can have our E minor scale. We have E, Open D, C, B, A, G, F# and then Open E. This is what the E minor scale sounds like in the bass guitar.Bass scale how to play E minor scale

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