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PRS Guitars – SE Kingfisher Bass
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Ready yourselves bassists: Paul Reed Smith has his sights set on you. The company has recently diversified their bass lines to suit the needs and wallets of a wider variety of players. The seed was planted last year with the release of the Grainger series, lauded for its build quality and beefy modern tone. Seeking similar praise from the more budget-friendly crowd, PRS augmented their 2014 SE line by introducing the Kestrel and Kingfisher basses. While the Kestrel takes on a more classic approach, the Kingfisher we just checked out comes closest to capturing the characteristics of Paul Reed Smith’s boutique offerings.

It’s always a positive sign when you unbox an import instrument and find it protected in a high-quality gigbag. Unsheathing the test bass revealed characteristic PRS quality, though a few mild scratches in the body finish were present. After a quick setup, the Kingfisher was ready to play.

Much like its Grainger 4 cousin, the Kingfisher shares impressive balance while playing seated or standing with the bass strapped on. Never did it cause any shoulder fatigue when I was standing. The bass provided unhindered movement of my fretting hand and felt smooth despite its glossy neck. There was very little to no stickiness to impede left-hand shifting.

A highlight of the Kingfisher is its neck-through construction, a rarity for instruments under the $800 price point. Its 5-ply maple-and-walnut neck supports a rosewood fretboard that’s decorated with the company’s classic bird inlays. While every player has a particular preference for neck contours, PRS seems to have a magic formula for playability and the Kingfisher is no exception. It has a smooth taper and a comfy radius from the first flying fowl to the perched bird, and I acclimated to the fretboard rather quickly.

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