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Review Demo – Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor
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So what’s the big deal about bass compression? It may not be the most glamorous effect, but it’s invaluable for evening out your signal and can change your overall tone with the right (or wrong) tweaks. Common complaints about compression are that it can sound unnatural and/or too squeezed—to the point that bass doesn’t sound like bass anymore—and that compressors can be noisy. On the flipside, the right compression can sweeten a tone and make life a whole lot nicer in both live and studio situations. We spent some time with the new BC-1X Bass Comp from Boss. It’s their answer to the common complaints about compression and a pedestal for the positive attributes of the effect.

The familiar aesthetic of Boss pedals hasn’t changed much in 30-plus years, and the BC-1X preserves that vibe with a simple layout: four side-by-side controls positioned above a high-resolution gain-reduction indicator. A solid-feeling pedal, the green-metal-flake housing has the aforementioned decades of field-testing as verification of its ruggedness. Under the hood is what Boss calls MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing), the secret sauce to their newer pedals. MDP technology virtually separates a signal into different parts and analyzes the parameters of these parts—such as frequencies and dynamics—before the effect is optimally applied to each part independently. It’s all very 21st century, but none of that matters unless it sounds good, right?

To test the pedal’s mettle, I used a Yamaha BB1024X loaded with active Aguilar pickups and an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. The BC-1X is designed to run at 18V, so you can use it with active basses with very hot output. (An internal boost circuit helps that onboard 9V.) So I could best hear the nuances of the BC-1X, I plugged into a PreSonus FireStudio interface and pulled out a set of headphones.

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