$ 650,000 winning lottery ticket sold in Jackson, NJ


OH MY GOD. the New Jersey Lottery Announced Big Winner in Our Area… and it’s not me. MDR. Whom, whom. But, it could be you.

The winning ticket is worth $ 650,969. Wow. That’s a lot of money. This is a Jersey Cash 5 ticket from the Sunday January 2 draw, and the ticket matches all five numbers.

the lucky ticket was sold to the Krauszer convenience store on Brewers Bridge Road in Jackson, NJ (Ocean County). The store receives a bonus of $ 2,000 for the sale of the ticket. Not bad. Did you play the lottery there? You’d better get your tickets out and check them right away.

I know we have a lot of PST listeners in the Jackson area. I wonder if someone from PST Nation is the big winner? I hope.

It secretly kills me. You may have heard me mention before that I play the lottery for my father every day. He loves it and doesn’t go out much due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so my sister and I have been appointed as replacements. MDR.

He doesn’t play all lottery games, but Jersey Cash 5 is one of his favorite games and he gets a ticket to the next draw daily. Why can’t we win a big jackpot? Why not us ??? MDR.

Ahhh, I have such amazing plans for such a big jackpot. It’s simple, I would buy a beach house. I would also help my family, donate to my favorite charities and of course have fun. I’ve always wanted to walk into a bar and scream, “Drink up on me.” MDR.

Ahhh, dreaming. Congratulations to the winner.

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