Admiral Markets AS 2022 Unaudited 6 months

Updated statement of comprehensive income (added comparison with the first six months of 2021). Added comparison of Admiral Markets AS net exchange income with the same period of 2021.

Admiralsresults are exceptional

Compared at the same period last year, Admirals has significantly increase his report trade Income, trade volumes and neat profit in the first half of the year, Continue large scale investments in computer science and innovation. The company acquired New licenses in the south Africa and Canada. These are eloquent Hit stories of execution a strong strategy with a long-term objective of Frsure financial freedom for ten million people by 2030. The net trading result of Admiral Markets AS, the subsidiary of Admirals Group AS, increased by 254% (32.3 million euros in the first half of 2022 compared to 9.1 million euros in the same period of 2021 ).

“Despite the great uncertainty in the global economy and political situation, we have continued to implement our long-term goals, continuing to unite personal finance and investments for our client. Our first half results are exceptional, trading volumes are strong and stable,” said CEO of Admirals Group AS Sergei Bogatenkov.

According to Bogatenkov, Admirals is steadily growing its customer base and introducing a variety of products focused on its strengths by increasing trading and investing opportunities through the app, accelerating people on the path to financial freedom. “At the same time, we continue to be a reliable, high-quality market leader for experienced industry participants. The number of people using the Admirals app continues to grow,” the CEO said.

Over the past six months, the company has acquired licenses in South Africa and Canada. “We are strategically increasing our presence in different regions of the world. Canada is the first step in positioning the company in North America, and Africa, as a fast-paced and developing financial center, is an excellent opportunity to greatly expand our customer base. describes the CEO of the company.

According to Bogatenkov, the company’s team is ready to face the new economic cycle in rapidly changing circumstances: “Admirals has proven that it belongs at the top of the FinTech world. We are the quality leader in our industry and as a global financial center, we offer our customers digital tools on the path to financial freedom.”

Admirals has just announced the continuation of the cooperation with Eesti Kontsert. The company is also the main sponsor of the Estonian football club FCI Levadia, supports the financial literacy of young people through various projects and cooperations, and supports Ukraine and Ukrainians.

“Our company stands alongside organizations and initiatives that create significant value for society. Today, we are also focused on sustainability and applying green thinking in both our core business and as a global team,” added the CEO.

Statement of financial position
(in thousands of euros) 06/30/2022 31/12/2021
Claims on credit institutions 23.175 4.696
Claims on investment companies 17.018 18.292
Financial assets at fair value through profit or loss 6.127 9.998
Loans and receivables 36.488 16.097
Inventories 8 48
Investments in associates 0 0
other assets 2.266 1.903
Investments in subsidiaries 4.180 4.180
Fixed assets 1.570 1.644
Right-of-use asset 2.906 3.147
Intangible assets 3.127 3.070
Total assets 96.865 63.075
Financial liabilities at fair value through profit or loss 345 637
Debts and installments 12.411 1.381
Subordinated debt securities 1.827 1.827
Rental debts 3.154 3.375
Total responsibilities 17.737 7.220
Share the capital 2.586 2.586
Legal reserve capital 259 259
Retained earnings 76.283 53.010
Total equity 79.128 55.855
Total Liabilities and Equity 96.865 63.075
Statement of comprehensive income
(in thousands of euros) 6M 2022 6M 2021
Net gains from trading financial assets at fair value through profit or loss with customers and liquidity providers 44.608 17.895
Brokerage fee income 0 28
Brokerage and commission fees -12.603 -8.855
Other income related to trading activity 252 6
Other expenses related to trading activities 0 -3
Net trading result 32.257 9.071
Other income 192 421
Other expenses 0 -52
Interest income calculated using the effective interest rate method 278 106
Other income equivalent to interest 59 93
Interest expense -105 -118
Net gains on changes in exchange rates 991 413
Net gains at fair value through profit or loss -437 0
Personal expenses -2.575 -2.662
Operating Expenses -6.566 -7.673
Amortization of tangible and intangible fixed assets -580 -333
Amortization of rights of use -242 -279
Profit before income tax 23.272 -1.013
Income tax 0 -567
Profit for the reporting period 23.272 -1.580
Overall result for the reporting period 23.272 -1.580
Basic and diluted earnings per share 57.6 -3.91

Admiral Markets AS reports are available on the following website:

Admirals is a global FinTech and investment firm whose regulated subsidiaries provide smart solutions for multiple financial products. Since its founding in 2001, Admirals has steadily expanded its reach and today serves the world through regulated trading companies.

Investment company Admiral Markets AS, established in Estonia, is a subsidiary of Admirals Group AS, which has the right to provide investment services below the Operating Estonian financial company license Surveillance Authority in the European Union and the Countries of the European Economic Area. Admirals cares about the success of its partners, thus offering many proven marketing tools, cutting-edge software and quality assurance.

Today, Admirals has 18 offices around the world, making it a truly global organization.

Further information:
Kaia Gil
Communications Manager of Admiral Markets AS
[email protected]
+372 53 413 764

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