AMP sexual harassment victim criticizes Boe Pahari’s $ 50 million payment


A victim of sexual harassment is furious after the man who allegedly made inappropriate advances and kicked her out of the company is about to get a $ 50 million “golden parachute” payment.

Former AMP employee Julia Szlakowski made headlines last year after claiming she was sexually harassed by her boss Boe Pahari in 2017.

However, although his allegations of sexual harassment were found to be true following a company investigation, AMP decided to promote Mr. Pahari to the position of CEO of AMP’s money management arm.

After public backlash saw several workers quit and AMP’s stock price plummet, Pahari announced he would be leaving the company. In a statement at the time, he apologized to Ms Szlakowski and said he deeply regretted the events of 2017.

However, in April of this year, it was revealed that Mr Pahari would receive a payment of $ 50 million for his departure.

Speaking at a financial conference on Wednesday, Ms Szlakowski criticized the move and also revealed that it was not the first time she had experienced sexual harassment at work.

She has also worked in politics and hospitality and said all workplaces have one thing in common: sexism.

“I got fired for not sleeping with my boss,” she sensationalized about her time in politics in a speech to the Australian Pension Investors Council (ACSI) via Zoom.

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U.S.-based Ms. Szlakowski targeted her former bosses in a speech, not just Mr. Pahari, and said women were partly responsible for the “toxic culture” of a business that allowed men get away with sexual harassment easily.

She has worked in a number of industries – hospitality, politics and private equity. All of them made it easy for men to get away with sexual misconduct.

Working as a waitress at the university, Ms Szlakowski said she had to wear “revealing uniforms” and treat customers as if they were always right, even if they were sexually inappropriate.

“Drunk men, who regularly made sexually explicit comments at my expense, were treated with deference by male and female managers,” she told the ACSI conference.

But it got worse.

While working on a U.S. political campaign that required her to go with a team to a convention, her anonymous boss didn’t book her a hotel room – and invited her back to his.

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Ms Szlakowski said she was “reassured by a superior woman that I would have a place to stay” after learning that there was no reservation in her name.

But the boss, who was 30 years older than her, waved to her at the hotel bar.

“I grabbed my notepad and pen and walked conscientiously. He had already ordered two drinks and started to walk away from the crowd, motioning for me to follow him, ”she recalls.

“We finally arrived in his hotel room, furnished with a bed, chair and desk.

“I chose to sit in the chair, the clipboard firmly gripped in my hands – protecting my chest. My eyes were fixed on the only exit from the room. So he got rid of the formalities, threw off his jacket and invited me to join him on the bed to watch a movie.

“I shyly refused so as not to irritate him and insisted that we do some work. He ordered me to try my drink and started flipping through the channels.

“My heart started pounding when he informed me that his room should be sufficient for my stay at the convention.

She remembers him asking her “You’re not a princess who needs your own room, are you?” as a way to force her to stay in the room.

Ultimately, she left the room and was fired from her role by the time she arrived home.

“For a while, I struggled with the complicated feelings that resulted from the unequivocal fact that I had been fired for not sleeping with my boss.”

She decided to quit politics.

“So at 30, I entered the high-stakes world of private equity. “

Earlier, speaking to, Ms Szlakowski said that in December 2016, she landed the prestigious position of Institutional Director for Australian multinational financial services giant AMP.

However, she quickly caught the unwanted attention of her then boss, Bodhisattwa ‘Boe’ Pahari, who was global head of infrastructure investments.

Mr Pahari is said to have repeatedly asked the age of the oldest man she has dated, sometimes in front of colleagues.

It should be noted that Mr. Pahari is 20 years older than Ms. Szlakowski, who is 41.

He even took Ms Szlakowski from her home in the United States to London for a meeting and then had her accompany him to an exclusive private club on her own, she said.

During the trip, Ms. Szlakowski refused to use her credit card to go buy “a nice dress and heels” for her extended stay.

Mr. Pahari said his actions were “… as humiliating as if I had a soft cock”.

Four long years after the incidents, Mr. Pahari is now leaving the company.

Mr. Pahari previously said in a statement via AMP: “I deeply regret the events of 2017 and apologize to Julia Szlakowski.

“I am committed to doing everything I can to see this company and our employees reach their full potential. The best way to make amends is to do the job given to me to the best of my ability. “

Ms Szlakowski said her departure from the company was cushioned by a huge payout.

“My stalker… should finally leave next month, with a golden $ 50 million parachute,” she said at the conference. has contacted AMP and the company has no further comments.

Ms Szlakowski said on Wednesday that the decision to go public with her claims had seriously diminished the value of the company.

“Since July 1, 2020, when news of my 2017 sexual harassment complaint broke, AMP shares have fallen by around 40% or $ 2.8 billion in market capitalization,” he said. she declared.

“Between last July and March of this year, investors withdrew $ 9 billion in assets under management from AMP Capital, representing approximately $ 2 billion in corporate pension assets and approximately $ 8 billion in pension proceeds. wealth management.

“A number of pension funds have withdrawn hundreds of millions of AMP’s ethical investment options and a $ 5 billion real estate fund recently changed ownership.

“Now this 172-year-old company is no longer in the top 20 or top 50 of the ASX – and its market capitalization continues to decline.”

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