Build New Wealth By Bypassing Old Money

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Regardless of politics, president or progress, the wealth gap continues to grow at the same rate. And I am in no way pointing the finger at individual entrepreneurs or politicians. Although many of them participate, the machine continues. It’s part of the way it’s built. Due to the growing imperative of inflation, interest and debt, ambitious individuals have no choice but to kill or be killed.

We live in an economic model based on scarcity. There is no way around this by playing by the same rules that were created to enforce the system. By playing, you perpetuate and there is nothing you can do about it.

What we have seen are stagnant wages and increased working hours. Productivity has increased thanks to highly skilled employees and automation. Salaries are falling due to inflation and the rising cost of living. This means that the average worker is not reaping the benefits of the growth of our economies, globally.

As we move into the future, there is less and less incentive to participate in this losing battle. The scarcity-based economy is a zero-sum game. No amount of fuss and hard work will result in a fair distribution of resources. Among ten equally qualified candidates for a job, only one can win. That’s not to say the other nine haven’t worked hard enough.

So how do we make our own rules? It starts with earning our own money. Currently, fiat is the tool mankind uses to facilitate transactions. Without fiat (dollars, euros, etc.), there is no agreed method of exchange and trade collapses. As long as central banks control fiat, they control our lives.

The blockchain allows us to earn our own money, in a way. Our own method of exchange. Cryptocurrency and NFTs are the results of this technology. Currency and assets that no one controls, but are always securely controlled. This control comes from cryptographic algorithms and automated functions that cannot (easily) be hacked. The rules are built into the system and everyone must follow them.

The world of cryptocurrency is very strange and new to many. But it is growing rapidly and participants in the system are rewarded for this growth. We have a saying in crypto: WAGMI, or we all will.

To learn more about finance as it relates to crypto, I highly suggest the podcast pump with Anthony Pompliano for fun but educational content. Start with the middle episodes. I also recommend Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralized Finance and the End of Banks by Simon Dingle and Steven Boykey Sidley, a deeper dive for those with the patience.

It’s time to create our own wealth and build a new world order based on the principles of abundance. Below are some projects that attempt to rebuild society from scratch and will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to become economically independent.

A new global bank

Many of you reading this might be new to crypto. If so, the first thing I would tell you if I met you would be to withdraw your money from your bank and put it in a crypto account. Banks take your money and invest it for their benefit. As your money sits there, it slowly burns due to inflation. You don’t get any of the benefits of those investments that the bank makes. In fact, banks often charge you for bringing your hard-earned money to them instead of rewarding you for the free money you give them.

Cryptocurrency puts the power of banking in the hands of the investor. When used correctly, crypto holders can stake their tokens and receive a portion of the value created by this currency pool.

You might think crypto is volatile and hard to trust, but there are coins called stablecoins like USDC and USDT that match the value of the US dollar. One coin equals one dollar. Coinbase is great for beginners and has lower fees for slightly more experienced users. If you didn’t want to take any risk, you could just use stablecoins and still be rewarded for your participation.

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A New World Nation

Sapien prepares the way to create the world’s first digital nation. A free and borderless country that will soon confer many benefits on those who hold the NFT passport that admits entry. Users will have the ability to create their own cryptocurrencies. This will empower them and others to invest in their communities to support powerful initiatives such as universal basic income, crowdfunding and self-help. Even start a business.

Everything is possible with a clear and reliable system to work with. This is how we begin to circumvent the power of old money instead of trying to fight it in vain. We can create our own systems. Systems that reward us for our participation and that cannot be controlled by individuals. Build your own virtual city and do whatever you want inside. Make your own rules. Your earnings will be protected by digital safes and connect to Sapien’s global economy.

Soon, this project will have a new social media platform powered by people, not AI, and even launch the global newspaper. It is the first step towards a single human nation. Better still, it is a step towards autonomy and independence.

A new global economy

As I said in my previous article, e-commerce is fast becoming a monopoly, and I also mentioned Splyt as a possible solution to this. Putting e-commerce on the blockchain decentralizes decision-making and promotes transparency, creating a true free market that is not controlled by private interests. Blockchain technology takes care of enforcing rules and regulations. Without intermediaries, everyone is free to join and transact without paying high fees.

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Without going into details, NFTs are used instead of product listings. This means that each list is its own sovereign datum which can be moved from place to place on the platform. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know how difficult it can be to sign up with brands and collect payments correctly. But if you sell any of the NFTs listed on the platform, you can collect the commission without even a minute of trading.

This will allow affiliates to manually select NFTs (which represent actual products) to populate their online store and sell to their audience without the need for inventory or paperwork or…whatever. Run a business without overhead or headaches. The project will integrate with Shopify when it launches.

A new economy for creators

There are many new launch pads for cryptocurrency projects, but most of them are very general. They allow you to create a coin and introduce it to the market. This model quickly becomes oversaturated. There are hundreds of new parts. If you’re a creator and want to grow your community in a purpose-built ecosystem, there are a few great launch pads for you.

TokenSociety is an NFT and metaverse project launch pad that incubates, develops and funds the start-up of projects on the platform. Filmmakers can create NFTs called Snippetz, which are short clips from a TV show. By selling the Snippetz, the filmmaker and his team can finance a project without the help and hindrance of investors and production studios. If you’re a content creator, you might want to find an option like this to break free from traditional fundraising schemes and find your own path.

One of the strengths of a centralized platform is deciding who can use it. As our online communities get bigger and bigger, that decision-making power becomes a huge liability. It can even turn into censorship. When OnlyFans censored users who helped create it, it was an injustice. Fortunately, Splash has created a decentralized marketplace for adult content-themed NFTs so that these content creators can take control of their finances and own their own data.

Finally, an interesting and inevitable project that will soon be launched is Starseed DAO, which can be considered a metaverse talent label. This platform will help musicians transfer into the metaverse by creating their own metaverse pop star as an NFT. This digital alter-ego will be represented by an avatar designed by the artist and his team. By creating a DAO around these characters, fans can participate and contribute, empowering the community. The first native metaverse popstar is called CCisDreaming and will set an example for those to come.

If you’re a creator who falls into one of these categories, you may have just found a new way to start your career. And, not counting on the ultra-rich monoliths picking and choosing who they want to raise and who they want to ignore.

A new world awaits you

Hopefully, this overview will give newcomers to crypto a clearer picture of what this new industry has to offer. Cryptocurrency is not just magic money on the internet. Each piece represents a project with something to offer. The ecosystem itself represents an exciting parallel universe to our society that is not under the control of the rich and powerful. If you can find your place here, you will be among the first to participate in the digital gold rush.

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