China dominates the wealth of female billionaires in Asia celebrates International Women’s Day with an examination of the wealth of female billionaires in Asia which, unsurprisingly, is dominated by the world’s second largest economy.

Currently, there are 289 female billionaires, according to “Forbes” data compiled by at press time, with a total wealth of over $1.37 trillion.

The segment represents 11.4% of the 2,527 total billionaires worldwide and is led by Francoise Bettencourt Meyers (net worth: $75.2 billion), granddaughter of L’Oréal founder Eugene Schueller.

dominance of China

Asia-Pacific has recorded 92 female billionaires – or 31.8% of all female billionaires globally – and China, the region’s largest economy, unsurprisingly leads the pack, accounting for more than half. of the total.

Mainland China is home to 49 female billionaires with Yang Huiyanreal estate mogul and daughter of Country Garden founder Yang Guo Qiangtopped the list with a net worth of around $21.8 billion.

Not economically proportional

In some cases, the number of female billionaires in the region somewhat matched economic weight with India (11) and Hong Kong (11) tied for second place, followed by Australia (9).

But there are exceptions to the rule, notably in Japan where the world’s third-largest economy has produced just three female billionaires.

World Leaders

The United States was the highest ranked economy with 84 female billionaires.

Alongside China’s 49 and Germany’s 31, the three leaders accounted for 56.7% of all female billionaires globally.

See below for a list of the top 20 female billionaires in Asia:

1) Gina Rinehart – 31.30 billion dollars (mines, Australia)

2) Yang Huiyan and his family – $22.40 billion (real estate, China)

3) Hongwei fan & family – $18.00 billion (petrochemicals, China)

4) Savitri Jindal and her family – $17.10 billion (steel, India)

5) Wu Yajun – $15.80 billion (real estate, China)

6) Kwong Siu-hing – $12.40 billion (real estate, Hong Kong)

7) Zheng Shuliang and his family – $10.50 billion (aluminum products, China)

8) Wang Laichun – $9.60 billion (electronic components, China)

9) Zhong Huijuan – $8.40 billion (pharmaceuticals, China)

ten) Zhou Qunfei and his family – $7.40 billion (smartphone screens, Hong Kong)

11) Cheng Xue – $6.80 billion (soy sauce, China)

12) Melanie Perkins – $6.50 billion (software, Australia)

13) Hong Ra-hee – $6.40 billion (Samsung, South Korea)

14) Zhao Yan – $6.20 billion (biotech, China)

15) jian june – $6.10 billion (biomedical products, China)

16) Chan Laiwa and his family – $5.60 billion (real estate, China)

17) Falguni Nayar – $4.40 billion (distribution, India)

18) Lam Wai-ying – $4.40 billion (smartphone screens, Hong Kong)

19) Leena Tewari – 4.20 billion dollars (pharmacy, India)

20) Boo-jin Lee – $4.10 billion (Samsung, South Korea)

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