Date posted: September 20, 2021 at 4:21 p.m.
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Today, an impressive mix of public, private and non-profit leaders celebrated the grand opening of 95th & International, a highly affordable 55-unit mixed-use development with a community-serving health clinic, operated by La Clínica de La Raza. , on the ground floor. This transformational community is part of a larger effort to promote fair and climate-friendly work in the surrounding neighborhood through the Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors initiative. The new development joins the $ 30 million affordable 59-unit Acts Cyrene Apartments complex, which opened in 2017.

“This project demonstrates the tenacity and creativity that drives Oakland residents to find solutions to community needs through partnerships,” said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. “Community-led for community, it embodies the ‘Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors’ theme of our winning TCC grant proposal that will help implement sustainable transformation in East Oakland over the next several years.”

Planning for this project began over a decade ago under the leadership of Acts Community Development Corporation, founded by Bishop Bob Jackson of Acts Full Gospel Church to meet the affordable housing needs of its congregation. . Since then, a large public-private partnership has grown to include Related California, City of Oakland, California’s Strategic Growth Council (through the Transformative Climate Communities Grant), California Department of Conservation, Oakland Housing Authority, US Bank and Citibank. .

“After more than a decade of hard work, I am delighted to launch this transformative project that will bring much-needed affordable housing and health care resources to District 7,” said Treva Reid, Oakland City Council member . “Gratitude to city staff and our community partners for advancing this innovative development, which will help bridge long-term disparities in East Oakland.” “

This multi-faceted project will serve as a community hub of people, housing and services, and address the diverse needs of Oakland families with a focus on housing for the homeless. The project will bring 55 stable rental housing units in Deep East Oakland to longtime residents earning 20-50% of the area’s median income (MAI) and 25% is earmarked for homeless households earning 20-50%. 30% of the MAI.

As part of the $ 28.2 million Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors initiative, 95th & International is supported by the California Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities program with funds from California Climate Investments, an initiative of the United Nations. ‘statewide that puts billions of dollars in cap-and-trade dollars to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the economy, and improve public health and the environment, especially in disadvantaged communities.

The Initiative envisions an East Oakland with a healthy environment, safe and accessible transportation, and a thriving arts and culture that builds community wealth and ensures that housing is a human right for neighborhood residents. Other projects include the San Leandro Creek Urban Greenway led by the East Bay State Park District, community greening by the Oakland Parks & Recreation Foundation, Planting Justice Aquaponics Farm and Food Hub, Higher Ground & Scraper Bike Team Bike Share and Youth Development. Projects are guided by the principles of community engagement, displacement avoidance, workforce development and climate resilience throughout the four-year implementation period and will be managed by a committee stakeholders, made up of the co-applicants of the project, community organizations and residents of the region. The Black Cultural Zone will lead business and community engagement, while the Permanent East Bay Real Estate Co-op will lead travel avoidance work by connecting East Oakland residents with programs aimed at ending travel. to travel, to create community wealth and to produce additional housing units. Learn more about

“Congratulations to Related California, Acts Community Development Corporation, the City of Oakland and all partners for this innovative public-private collaboration that makes this innovation possible,” said Lynn von Koch-Liebert, Executive Director of California Strategic Growth Council We are inspired by the commitment to fully embrace the vision of “Better neighborhoods, same neighbors” for a healthy and resilient community by partnering with La Clínica to include a health clinic in community development. project is a prime example of how the Transformative Climate Communities Project can support inclusive economic development and build resilient communities.

This is the latest innovative affordable housing development in the city of Oakland, one in a long list of projects currently in the city’s development pipeline. This includes 57 new construction, rehabilitation and preservation projects totaling over 3,000 affordable low-income housing units, including 30 new construction projects; 16 acquisition reconversion projects; 10 preservation rehabilitation projects; and 1 transitional housing project. Since 2019, the City has completed eight newly constructed housing projects that have delivered over 600 new affordable units; four acquisition-conversion projects that converted more than 40 units at market price into affordable units; and two preservation-rehabilitation projects that have preserved more than 140 units.

“As long-term property owners, these types of long-standing relationships and public-private partnerships are essential to our success and constitute a distinctive philosophy as a business,” said Bill Witte, President and CEO of Related California. “Our close partnership with the City of Oakland, the Strategic Growth Council and Acts Full Gospel Church has helped to add affordable housing for residents along the international corridor and, just as important, to bring affordable health care to the community. We really appreciate all of our partners, who together have helped make this success possible. “


About Community Development Acts
Founded by Bishop Bob Jackson of Acts Full Gospel Church in 2002, Acts Community Development Corporation’s primary goals are to provide commercial development and affordable housing in East Oakland. Since its inception, Acts has developed and founded several businesses, affordable housing developments and community outreach programs including Acts Cyrene Apartments at 9400 International Blvd, Acts Christian Academy and Men of Valor Academy.

About La Raza Clinic
La Clínica de La Raza, Inc., a federally licensed healthcare facility, is headquartered in Oakland. La Clínica is the largest community primary health care center in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of the largest community health centers in the state of California. About 58% of the total La Clínica patients are women and over 95% of the total patients are from low income. Jane Garcia started La Clínica as an intern in 1980 and became CEO in 1982. Under her leadership, La Clínica grew from a $ 2 million project to a $ 110 million organization, employing 1,200 people. Learn more at

About California Related
Related California is a fully integrated real estate company developing multi-family and mixed-use residential properties in California. Since 1989, the company has built over 12,000 affordable homes and has partnered with more than 40 municipalities across California. Related California has developed over $ 7.5 billion in assets and has a track record of consistently developing communities that exceed industry benchmarks in design, construction, sustainability, and property management. For more information on Related California, visit

About the Oakland Housing Authority
Founded in 1938, the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) currently provides subsidized housing to nearly 16,500 families. Oakland’s largest owner, OHA serves a diverse community in the city’s neighborhoods. Our dedicated staff remain unwavering in their efforts to assess existing needs and provide meaningful opportunities for our families, in addition to expanding the availability of quality housing. Learn more at

About Oakland
A workforce of nearly 5,000 employees serves more than 440,000 residents and thousands of businesses that inhabit Oakland’s 78 square miles. Founded in 1852, the City has a mayor-council form of government and an average annual budget of $ 1.98 billion. #OaklandLoveLife

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