ED Investigates Properties Accumulated By Jamtara Online Fraudsters


Jharkhand Police to Inform Investigation Agency on 12 More People, Who Got Rich Overnight

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) has launched an investigation into the accumulation of huge properties by online fraudsters in Jamtara, widely dubbed the cybercrime capital of the country, following a request by the police from the Jharkhand.

“We had reported to the ED about 14 of these people, who apparently had no known source of income, but they bragged about real estate that the upper middle class would envy them. The ED has already started an investigation. Two people have been prosecuted, and three more are expected to be indicted shortly. The agency is assembling more, ”said Jamtara police superintendent Deepak Kumar Sinha. The Hindu by telephone.

He said, “We are keeping a close eye on these crooks. Some people have amassed real estate in their name while others have been in someone else’s name to escape law enforcement action.

“In addition to the 14 names, another list of 12 has been prepared and will soon be handed over to ED for further investigation,” Sinha said.

The Jamtara District Police’s initial investigation found that criminals had purchased vehicles, shops and homes on behalf of others. Many of them did not even pass registration but learned manipulation tricks with the technical advice of experts for the execution of white collar crimes.

“As part of our training, we focus on certain assets held by suspects, then we check who owns them and if we find traces of ill-gotten wealth, we intensify our investigation. The income tax service will also be kept informed, ”Jamtara police chief said.

Police have detected properties worth ₹ 2 crore belonging to one of the people whose name is on the list returned to the ED. “But, according to our estimate, his total wealth would not be less than 10 crore,” Mr. Sinha said.

After the district police focused on tracking the properties accumulated by the fraudsters, some of them reportedly bought apartments, hotels and land outside Jharkhand to dodge the local police. “This is where ED would do justice to the investigative process,” Jamtara SP said.

Jamtara has earned the dubious distinction of being the country’s cybercrime capital, with young people finding online fraud a source of quick money. They have brought phishing under control by operating from remote locations and keeping them out of sight of law enforcement. In recent years, police from many states have visited Jamtara to search for these scammers.

“In recent times, these criminals have changed the operating mode. They started to move their base to West Bengal, New Delhi and other places. What you need for such operations is a cell phone and good internet connectivity. Another requirement is the space from which one can operate. While some criminals take rented accommodation, some buy apartments instantly, ”Jamtara SP said.

In the past year, 300 people involved in cybercrime have been arrested and sent to jail in Jamtara and the police have a list of 1,200 fraudsters.

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