Evo Morales presents the RUNASUR Decalogue for Multinational America


Former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, today presented the RUNASUR Decalogue, as a set of guiding principles for this mechanism of multinational integration between indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, social organizations, unions , territorial and social movements in the region. RUNASUR, created by self-convocation, aims to resolve the historic debt that the peoples of the region are facing in a context of economic, social, cultural and, above all, of life.

The Decalogue is as follows:

Our destiny…


Sisters, brothers, peoples of Abya Yala:

We are living through multiple crises in the world, it is time to unite, to build and forge our multinational America, our identity with dignity. Thus, from the south of the continent, we offer a Decalogue to guide our way, our Qhapaq Ñan.

1. Let us defend the self-determination of peoples. Plurinational America fights against all forms of domination, against interference and racism, to consolidate the self-determination and identity of peoples. We propose the process of reconstruction and refoundation of states where the most important thing is not capital or excessive consumption, but human beings and nature, where governments are peoples and for peoples, a state without discrimination or classes.

2. Let’s strengthen democracy, human rights and collective rights. Plurinational America is the expression of plurality and recognizes all democracies which respond to the will and sovereign exercise of peoples. We promote full respect for the individual rights of the men and women who live in our vast territory, as well as the collective rights of indigenous and / or Afro-descendant peoples. We promote dialogue between peoples, according to common principles that allow us to build an alliance to articulate common processes that strengthen our voices. We must make freedom of expression emancipatory so that the truth of the people can speak.

3. Strengthen the Integration of Peoples. Plurinational America is the expression of indigenous movements, of different social and labor sectors, with politico-ideological clarity, of the principles and values ​​that have been our instruments of resistance and struggle since colonial times. The integration of our peoples is unity and solidarity as a block of struggle, defense and claim for our historic rights. Our goal is to strengthen integration organizations in order to consolidate our unity as a movement that promotes the liberation of the peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world.

4. Reaffirm our plurinationality, pluriculturality and plurilingualism. Plurinational America is unity in diversity, it is the reunion of indigenous millenarians and contemporaries. We are diverse peoples; knowledge, ancestral wisdom and the identity of our peoples are our wealth.
Plurinational America means recognizing ourselves as equal human beings, with the same rights and obligations.

5. Let us consolidate the anti-imperialist struggle. Plurinational America is the response of peoples, social movements and organizations, against all forms of interventionism and interference. We reject the actions of imperialism and capitalism which impose economic sanctions, organize coups d’état and promote fascism and racism which threaten the sovereignty of the peoples.
Plurinational America defends natural resources, the redistribution of wealth and solidarity among peoples. We reject capitalism and consumerism as a failing system that causes inequality, death and destruction.

6. Let’s build peace with social justice. Plurinational America promotes the right of peoples to peace, as well as cooperation and solidarity among states and regions of the world. We reject military interventions which use the pretext of seeking peace. Peace is built with more democracy and more development, with basic services, with education, health, housing, where wealth is redistributed in favor of equality.

7. Let’s promote Vivir Bien or Buen Vivir. Plurinational America proposes the recovery of Sumaq Qamaña, Sumaq Kawsay, Ivi Marey as a form of coexistence, well-being and development, as opposed to the best living of a few. Living well seeks to achieve harmony between peoples and with Mother Earth, where we exercise all our rights and fulfill our obligations.

8. Let us strengthen the defense of Mother Earth and her rights. Multinational America promotes and encourages the rights of Mother Earth. Indigenous peoples still live in interdependence with nature. The human being without nature cannot live, nature without the human being can perhaps live better.

9. Let us rediscover our thousand-year-old principles of life, accelerate Decolonization and Depatriarchization. Plurinational America is the expression of the peoples who recover, revalue and enhance the millennial knowledge of our peoples, fight against all the impositions inherited from the colonial era, promoting the processes of decolonization at the continental and intercontinental level, to guarantee our liberation. .
Plurinational America is fighting for depatriarization in order to build more just and equitable societies, where the rights of women are fully recognized; equality between women and men also means greater development for our peoples.

10. Let’s develop a plural and social economic model. Plurinational America promotes the equitable distribution of wealth among peoples. Individual and collective property is part of the historical constructions of our societies, so we must recognize and respect them. The ultimate goal of the economy should not be the accumulation of capital but the well-being and “Vivir Bien” of human beings and Mother Earth.



Constitutional President 2006-2019
Plurinational State of Bolivia

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