‘Fake bills’, missing partner and custody of TMC chief in new CBI billing sheet

SMUGGLING CATTLE from Birbhum markets in Bangladesh via Murshidabad, TMC leader Anubrata Mondal’s alleged links to the racket ‘pivot’ through a personal security guard, a handwritten diary that provided key leads, “backdated false invoices” – and a missing partner.

These are the key findings detailed by the CBI in its third supplementary indictment submitted to a special court in Asansol this month in the cross-border cattle smuggling racket between 2015 and 2017 which also allegedly involved a ‘link’ between BSF officials and customs personnel.

The case has political implications with Mondal, who was arrested on August 11, denying the charges and the TMC describing the investigation as a maneuver by the Center to target its leaders. Mondal’s arrest by the CBI on August 11 came days after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) raided premises linked to former TMC minister Partha Chatterjee and his associates in the suspected school jobs scam and claimed to have recovered more than Rs 40 crore in cash.

According to the latest indictment in the cattle smuggling case, the CBI began connecting the dots after seizing the handwritten diary of an employee of Mohammad Enamul Haque. Haque has been described as the “kingpin” and was arrested in February this year by ED, which is also investigating the case – he was arrested by the CBI in November 2020.

The employee’s diary, identified as Manoj Sinha, “revealed” that “various sums were paid to an Anal on different dates,” the agency said.

“Anal was an employee” of Haque and “used to work under (the) direct supervision of Sheikh Abdul Latif, partner of Md Enamul Haque,” ​​the CBI states in the indictment. Partner Latif, he says, would have managed the operation, including “the protection and patronage of political leaders”. Latif is on the run.

According to the indictment, the role of employee Anal was to procure cattle from local “pashu haats” (cattle markets) in Birbhum and “transport” them to “designated areas of Murshidabad near international border between India and Bangladesh”.

“From these dedicated places in Murshidabad, the cattle were then smuggled to Bangladesh through the India-Bangladesh river border due to the active link of the BSF officials,” the CBI says, adding that the cattle were smuggled. also purchased by Haque at customs auction.

The CBI previously filed an indictment in the case, followed by two additional indictments. Besides Haque’s role, these indictments described the alleged role of BSF officers, businessmen and a section of the West Bengal Police and Administration in the racketeering, as well as their alleged links to cattle smugglers.

Role of the security guard

The third supplemental indictment, filed on August 6, goes on to establish an alleged link between the smugglers and the TMC chief through “Sehegal Hossain (who) was appointed as a police officer in 2005” and “since 2011 , he works as a personal security guard for Trinamool Congress Leader Anubrata Mondal who is also the District Chairperson of TMC in Birbhum District of West Bengal.” Hossain was arrested on June 9 this year by the CBI.

According to the indictment, the guard “used to collect illegal gratuities from defendants Md Enamul Haque and Sk Abdul Latif on behalf of Shri Anubarata Mondal for extending protection and patronage to the prosecution of the illegal supply of cattle from the local pashu haats of Birbhum and to transport these cattle to Bangladesh”.

The CBI also alleged that Hossain, the guard, engaged “in a criminal conspiracy with other defendants” and “used to collect unlawful gratuity on behalf of Shri Anubrata Mondal for arranging the protection and patronage to continue illegal livestock supply activities”.

“By this means he (Hossain) also amassed enormous wealth from the said defendants, which was nothing but the proceeds of crime from the smuggling of cattle into Bangladesh by the defendants,” the indictment reads. ‘charge.

According to the CBI, Call Detail Records (CDRs) show that Guard Hossain “was in close contact with the accused Md. Enamul Haque during the period of the offence” while “documents were seized showing the relationship of Sehegal Hossain with Sk. Abdoul Latif”.

“…he (Hossain) used to receive phone calls intended for Anubrata Mondal as evidenced by the current CDR… There are a total of 16 phone calls between the accused Md Enamul Haq and Sehegal in 2017,” the indictment states while listing all appeals with time limits.

The roadmap also points to property deals and vehicle purchases worth more than Rs 5 crore from Hossain, his mother and his wife – and calls them a ‘virtual purchase’ which it says is ‘grossly disproportionate to relative to the total income of Sehegal Hossain and his family members during this period”.

For example, he states: “A landed property was transferred in the name of Smt. Latifa Khatun (mother of Sehegal Hossain) via two people who posed as a phantom buyer/seller. The value of the land figured very little in the deed of sale. There is oral evidence that supports that Sehegal had received a ransom of an illegal gratuity from the accused Md. Enamul Haq on behalf of Anubrata Mondal for the protection and patronage of the illegal cattle trade.

“During the period of 2015-2022, Shri Sehgal Hossain and his family members purchased almost all of 59 real estate properties located… In Domkol, Bolpur, Suri, Bidhannagar, Rajarhut, etc. Although none statement of this type was given by him to his department,” the charge sheet states.

“Additionally, there were heavy vehicles purchased in the name of Samaiya Khandokar who is the wife of Sehgal Hossain who was appointed as a schoolteacher in 2015. So the total expenditure (approximately) amounts to Rs, 1.37, 24,846/-, after calculation the total assets and expenses came to Rs. 5,47,90,867,” he says.

Missing partner

The indictment also details the alleged role of Haque’s partner, Abdul Latif, who has not yet been found.

According to the CBI Chargesheet, “Sk. Abdul Latif was Defendant Md. Enamul Haque’s key person in procuring cattle from Ilambazaar Poshu Haat and then transporting those cattle to the appropriate location closest to the international border. In addition, documents were seized showing Sehegal Hossain’s relationship with Sk. Abdul Latif of Illambazar, partner of Md. Enamul Haque.

The indictment states that Latif also allegedly “participated in livestock auctions at Jangipur Customs Office in Murshidabad, nearly 16 auctions” and that “cattle which he purchased at auction.. .was also smuggled into Bangladesh in active collusion with the accused Md. Enamul Haque.”

He accuses Latif of being the “key person to organize Mantu Mallick @Aftabuddin Mallick from Mallick Pashu Haat to Burbhum for the accused Md. Enamul Haque”. He states that Mallick was the source of “backdated Cattle (Char) Sales Bills (which) were issued in the name of the Defendant Enamul Haque”. “These back-dated invoices were created by Mantu Malllick staff in order to substantiate that cattle purchased by Defendant Md. Enamul Haque at Customs auction were sold at this local Haat (market) but not smuggled.”
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So far, more than a dozen people have been arrested in this case. The CBI FIR in the case, filed September 21, 2020, charged the accused under IPC Sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 409 (criminal breach of trust) and 420 (deception), and various sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988.

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