How The Sunday Times Rich List Billionaires Can Help Society – Yorkshire Post Letters

The Sunday Times rich list tells us we have more billionaires in the UK than ever, with one individual having around £23billion. A recent European lottery winner has raised £184million.

There comes a date when we have to ask ourselves ”how much money does an individual need in their lifetime?” For those who don’t know, £24 billion is 24 lots of £1,000 million.

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With this, you could not only buy your own private jet, but own the entire British Airways fleet. The lottery winner could own 184 expensive homes.

James Dyson. Photo: PA.

People like James Dyson should be applauded for what he did, he revolutionized the vacuum cleaner (certainly in my house) and we need him and other entrepreneurs to keep inventing the next generation of artificial intelligence to improve our lives, especially for the elderly.

Some of these wealthy people are already giving generously to charity, but that’s the essence of my letter, as a nation, as a government, we need to do more, much more, to create more opportunity from this wealth for those who are lower in the ladder.

I’m not an equal opportunity activist, but what I believe is that where you’ve done well in life and are financially secure, all that’s left for you to do is to help others grab that ladder and start climbing it. It would surely help these mega rich sleep better at night.

So what kind of opportunities am I talking about? Well, first we need to find a mechanism that says that after a certain level of wealth, the rest goes into an opportunity pot, largely overseen by that wealthy individual, who provides plenty of opportunities for others to do the right things things in life, mainly to earn a better life for themselves.

All initiatives would carry their own name, so that they get full recognition for their work, with the government supporting them in every way possible.

Initiatives should be self-sustaining in nature, aimed at encouraging people to be more socially responsible so that the government does not have to spend billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money solving the same problems year after year.

So creating things like prenatal centers where potential young parents learn about what it means to raise a child, the costs, and other life implications before making that decision; more support for education and apprenticeship in order to train more young people who are ready to work; or generate more employment opportunities so that no one is out of work.

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