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Below is a list of banks in which you can check whether there is an online cash loan, i.e. a cash loan without leaving your home.

With internet access, you can send a cash loan application online. The bank representative calls you to confirm your personal details, calculate your creditworthiness and present your offer. Contact with a selected bank is free and does not oblige to select a given bank.

Internet cash loan or loan

Cash loan and loan, contrary to appearances, these are not the same products. The main difference is that loans can only be granted by banks and credit unions. On the other hand, cash loans are also non-banking entities, i.e. loan companies.

Banks and Credit Unions are subject to supervision exercised by the Financial Supervision Authority. Banks operate on the basis of the Banking Law, while the activity of Credit Unions is regulated by the Act on Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions.

Cash loan and loan

Cash loan and loan

The following elements must be clearly stated in the credit agreement:

  • amount of credit,
  • its repayment date,
  • interest rate and commission,
  • collateral and the purpose for which the funds will be allocated.

Cash loan and credit

All legal issues related to the loan are regulated by the Civil Code. A loan agreement can be oral, but if the object of the loan is at least € 1000, it should be made in writing.

In the loan agreement you do not need to specify the interest rate, set the repayment date, as well as the purpose for which it will be allocated. It is not required, but the lenders specify in the contract all the important elements, such as interest on the loan, commission, additional fees, duration of the contract, repayment schedule, loan security.

Thus, the comparison of an online cash loan applies only to bank loans and loans granted to credit unions. If you want to check cash loans online, but non-banking, then you should do it in the section with non-bank loans.

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