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CHARLOTTE, NC, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LPL Financial LLC (Nasdaq: LPLA) today announced that financial advisor Joseph F. Myer CFP®, CPFA has joined LPL Financial’s brokerage, registered investment advisory (RIA) and custody platforms. He is associated with Gladstone Wealth Partners, a large firm that supports LPL affiliate advisors. Myer said he has served around $ 250 million in advisory, brokerage and pension assets *, and joined LPL after Merrill Lynch.

Based in Ashburn, Virginia, Myer has built a client-centric practice where he aspires to be among his clients’ “Top 5” along with their doctor, accountant, lawyer and spiritual guide. He works closely with a diverse clientele of business owners, executives and retirees, starting each account with financial planning before focusing on wealth management and investment portfolios. He is joined by Teresa Gentry, Director of Customer Experience.

After spending the first two decades of his career in Wall Street law firms, Myer chose to move to LPL and Gladstone to launch his new independent firm, Veritas Capital Management, LLC. “In Latin veritas means ‘truth’ and it is our guide as counselors – to communicate honestly, to seek the truth and to be guided by the truth,” Myer said.

As he embarks on a new chapter in his career, Myer looks forward to the freedom that comes with running an independent practice. “I want to have my own voice and be able to freely express my point of view, in terms of the market and the economy, as well as with the products and developments in my practice,” Myer said. “With this move, I am able to serve my clients as I see fit while taking advantage of the robust resources and innovative capabilities provided by LPL and the boutique service of my partners at Gladstone.”

Myer is already planning a future expansion of his team. He joined Gladstone’s partner model, which supports growth by acquiring or building the office by adding turnkey advisors to the practice. “We hope to find the perfect person to grow the team: advisors who share our standards and would complement the way we do business,” Myer said.

Outside of work, Myer is deeply committed to supporting his community through leadership roles and volunteerism. He currently serves on the board of the Clarke County Sanitary Authority and on the finance board of his church, St. Bridget of Ireland Catholic Church. He has also served as president of the Clarke County Education Foundation and the Rotary Club of Frederick County, and has also served as co-chair of United Way Solidarity Day.

Robert Hudson, Founder and Chairman of Gladstone Wealth Partners, said: “It has been a pleasure meeting Joe over the past few months. It is clear that he has built an incredible business throughout his career by developing deep personal relationships with his clients. The entire Gladstone team is eager to support Joe’s next steps as he builds his independent business. This is yet another example of a large, well-respected wirehouse advisor choosing the freelance space, and I expect this trend to continue in the years to come.

“We extend a warm welcome to Joe and are honored to support his journey to independence,” said Scott Posner, LPL Executive Vice President, Business Development. “Independence is a common thread in everything we do at LPL. Whatever an advisor’s vision for their practice, we’re committed to supporting them by providing differentiated service experiences, integrated technology, and innovative business resources designed to help them seek the freedom and rewards that come with setting up their own business. We congratulate Gladstone on its continued growth and look forward to supporting Gladstone and Veritas Capital Management for many years to come.

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