MKO’s strengths: Kudirat children train family members in Buhari, EFCC, DSS, others


The children of the late Alhaja Kudirat Abiola urged the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired), to intervene in the protracted feud between them and some anonymous family members over allegations of withholding property left to them by their late father, Chief Moshood Abiola.

Their petition was contained in an open letter entitled “Report of a decades-long fraud”, addressed to the president by “The children of Kudirat Abiola”, published in Daily trust the Saturday.

The letter was copied to the Minister of Justice, the Inspector General of Police, the Director General of State Security Services, the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Chairman of the Commission. independent on corrupt practices and other related offenses.

Other people copied included the group general manager of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the head of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit and the governors of Kwara, Lagos, Ogun and Taraba states.

The petition said in part, “Our father was a man of fairness and as such created businesses that reflected that side of him. In all his endeavors, he has made sure that no child receives a single share and that no child is even officially appointed administrator.

“Even at Habib Bank (now Keystone Bank) he gave equal shares to children of different mothers (Kola and Lekan received equal shares and this can be verified). On the other hand, he put some of his wives as directors.

The children of Kudirat further explained that their late mother had been appointed director of Abiola Farms and that another wife of Abiola, the late Alhaja Simbiat, had been appointed director of Radio Communication Nigeria, although, according to them, each wife received no more than one share.

“However, five years after our father’s death, some family members fraudulently and criminally inserted their names into our father’s companies, including the most active one called RCN, in whose name our father had bought most of. its shares at the Habib bank (sic).

“After taking control of this company, these individuals were able to forge the shares of the PHB Bank and borrow money from commercial banks using our father’s assets to default and impoverish his others. children.

“This despite the fact that in his will our father said that all of his property should be shared equally among all of his children. This is something that should have been done over two decades ago. They were also able to use their new status within RCN to exert influence over other companies such as Abiola Farms and Abiola Bookshop, where RCN is also a major shareholder, ”the letter said.

The children of Kudirat alleged that the UK property Abiola obtained for their mother was “illegally sold a few months after her murder” on June 4, 1996, which they said had not yet been passed to them. rendered. According to them, the property “is now worth nearly a billion naira”.

“In addition, the money bequeathed to her was withheld from us while other wives had the British properties converted for them in their name and also received the money bequeathed to them,” they said. .

They demanded that the Corporate Affairs Commission be brought to “rectify the criminal charges against RCN and bring the company back to its original form when our father died while he owned 499,999 shares and the late Alhaja Simbiat owned a action (in other words, he should withdraw the 60% and 40% illegally given to Agbo and Deji Abiola).

They also demanded that the ACC “immediately declare the company as moribund”, adding that all proceeds from the sale of its shares in PHB and income “income from Summit Oil (using the fact that RCN is a shareholder of Summit Oil) should be returned to the rightful heirs as our father wanted.

The demands also included ‘protection of our mother’s status as director of Abiola Farms through which her post can only be replaced by our surviving children through legal proceedings which have already been initiated by two high courts.

“All investigative agencies should act quickly to bring the culprits to justice, as this is a criminal offense and not a civil matter.

“The culprits must be obliged to return all money illegally earned after deducting what was entitled to their mother in the will or in the present value of any property that was refused to her, as happened in our own case. . These people should face the utter and swift wrath of the law to serve as a powerful and dissuasive example for others who are considering committing similar crimes. ”

In addition, the children of Kudirat demanded that the NNPC and the Department of Petroleum Resources be ordered to cease dealing with anyone claiming to have authority over the oil blocks owned by Summit Oil.

When contacted, one of Kudirat’s children, Abdulmumuni, said Sunday PUNCH that he and his siblings were still awaiting a response from the relevant authorities.

He said, “I received no response, we just released it today (Saturday). This battle is not just mine. I am fighting for the Abiola family. The only people who will not be supportive are the powers that be. ”

Attempts to get a response from some of Abiola’s other children, including Kola, Deji and Agboola, were unsuccessful.

While Kola did not respond to phone calls or texts from our correspondent, calls to Deji’s number indicated that he was turned off.

Likewise, Agboola had not yet responded to an Instagram message at the time of filing this report.

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