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If you need to borrow money easily and quickly, consider using the Burke website. They are a special loan publisher compared to many others in the market, and this is due to several different reasons. Firstly, it is possible for you to get a quick loan of 4000 kroner without being an existing customer. This means that you can only sign up for Burke’s website as a new user, and on the same day borrow up to 4000 kroner.

If you are on the other hand what the website describes as an existing customer, there are even more benefits to be gained. As an existing customer at Burke, you have the opportunity to borrow up to 10000 kroner. You can choose to use them for just what you want. Follow good advice when comparing SMS loan provider online.

Get online payday loans instant funding

Another factor that makes BridgePay Day a very good loan provider is that with an online payday loan instant funding from them you can determine the maturity of your loan. So you have free choice if you want to repay the loan after 5 days or pay back gradually over 30 days. The ability to determine the size and maturity of the loan yourself. This is one of the things that has made it a very popular loan provider among many Danes. Loan money at no cost with a loan from Burke.

You quickly have the money in your account, you sign directly on the screen, The first 4000 kroner completely free at Burke.
Loans between 4000 – 10.000 kroner. You know what your monthly benefit is and the terms and conditions of your new loan. You get the money paid without providing security. Use the money wisely, for the time you have to pay off the loan is not far away.

Existing Burke customers.

As mentioned, they distinguish between new customers and existing customers. This means that there is some discrimination between first-time borrowers. Borrowers who have used loans from them many times. For example, customers who have borrowed on the website several times have the opportunity to borrow more money at a time that customers who have never used Burke’s services before.

As you know, it is possible as a first-time borrower to borrow up to 4000 kroner. Right now, the website runs an offer that makes it possible for new customers to receive their first loan of up to 4000 kroner, with a maturity of up to 30 days at no cost. This means that when you as a new customer with them take their first free loan on the website, you do not have to pay interest. This offer is in great contrast to many other online loan providers and is one of the reasons that more and more new customers are flocking to Burke In most other loan providers on the web is that for relatively high-interest rates on such loans, also for new customers.

If you want to borrow more than 4000 kroner with Burke.

If you want to borrow more than 4000 kroner, you must first be what Burke calls an existing customer. The more times you make use of their services, the more trust the website has for you like a loan withdrawal. And the more money it is possible for you to borrow at a time. The first loan you take with the loan provider, you can borrow up to 4000 kroner. Already when you take your second loan, this limit has increased to 4500 kroner. 

However, if you pay your first loan back in good time, it is possible for you that the maximum loan amount you can withdraw for your second loan will be 5500 kroner instead of the 4500 kroner. For each loan, you take then the maximum amount it is possible for you to borrow increases by 500 kroner until you take your thirteenth loan. From taking your thirteenth loan, it is possible for you to borrow up to 10000 kroner at a time. So there are great benefits to be gained by using them and their loans several times in a row.

Repayment of Burke loans.

When you have to repay your cheap loan, it must be done within 30 days. Already when you send your request for your loan, you indicate how long you will have on your loan. You choose between 5 and 30 days. This allows for great flexibility. Thus, you will have a long maturity giving you a long time to get the money you have to pay back. A longer maturity usually also means a higher interest rate. Here they offer you interest-free loans up to 4000 kroner on your first loan, you can feel safe when you take the first loan from the loan provider.

If it turns out that you have the opportunity and desire to repay your cheap loan before the chosen maturity is reached, this is no problem. Fast loan at Burke, so you are always allowed to repay part of or maybe even the entire amount before the deadline is reached. In many cases, this can be an advantage, as it means that you are not bound to sit and wait for the loan to run out, as is the case with several other loan providers. Here you can redeem your loan before the deadline and move on quickly. Then you don’t have to go over the impending repayment of the loan for a long time.

Requirements and Terms of Use of Burke.

To take a quick loan from Burke you must be over twenty years old and you must reside in Denmark. In addition, you must NOT be registered in either the Debtor Register or Ribers Kredit Information (RKI), have a NemID as well as an active email address, a Danish phone number, and your own bank account. This is all to ensure that you have the economy in order before you take a quick loan.

Please note that it is not possible for Burke to take multiple loans at once. The first loan must, therefore, be redeemed before it is possible to take a new one. In return, it is possible to take a quick loan as soon as the deposit on the first loan has gone through. This is in many cases an advantage for you like a loan withdrawal. Because it keeps you from getting too much debt if for some reason you are unable to repay your loan after maturity.

“If you are unable to redeem your loan for free before the expiry of the term, it is possible to extend the term. Either by 14 or 30 days for a small extension fee.

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