Research reveals things people associate with having money

Search by Chip, the money-saving app, finds luxury holidays (45%), personal chefs (40%) and space travel (32%) to be among the top things Brits associate with money in 2022.

And while more than two-thirds (69%) think saving is important, one in three (36%) admit they never reach their savings goals, due to splurging elsewhere (31% ), losing motivation along the way (15%) and setting unrealistic goals (15%).

To encourage Britons who need a little more “in-spray-tion” to reach their savings goals, Chip has bottled the scent of “modern money” with his bespoke fragrance, Eau d ‘Chip: Modern Money. A limited run of 60 bottles has been made available to those across the UK, following the finding that 40% believe fragrance is the most powerful tool for evoking a memory.

Developed with expert perfumers, the fragrance is inspired by new age silver indicators, combining a refreshing blend of lime, coconut and sandalwood tones reminiscent of a luxury beach vacation, with hints of metals premium and space-grade rocket fuel, infused in Biomaris Sea. Water and topped with gold flakes from the iconic ‘Salt Bae’ restaurant.

Customers can get one of 60 bottles alongside £20 to kick-start their 2022 savings by visiting Chip’s microsite.

This truly modern association of money dispenses with the traditional tropes of aged liquor (22%) and champagne (21%) collections and goes hand in hand with the continued rise of the digital money revolution with data revealing that A third of the country (31%) now uses traditional cash less than once a month, and 13% no longer uses cash.

Interestingly, this is further supported by one-tenth of the nation (12%) who now view the possession of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as an indicator of a healthy bank account.

When it comes to savings, data from Chip’s 400,000 users revealed that Britons in Leicester are the most savvy, saving 30% more on average than the rest of the UK. Those in Liverpool have had the hardest time putting money aside with savings 99% lower than the rest of the country.

The research also showed that while almost half of Britons (44%) are currently saving for something, only one in five (19%) know where to look to figure out how to save. This figure has risen sharply to one in three (30%) of people aged 18-24 who are typically at the start of their savings journey, compared to just 7% of people aged over 55.

Chip CEO and Founder Simon Rabin said, “It’s been a fascinating journey to bottle up the scent of modern money and find out what people associate with financial success in 2022, and how it’s evolving over time. over the years. We called the scent “Modern Money” because times are changing and apps like Chip are revolutionizing the way we save and create wealth. I have no doubt that the end is near for the old way of money.”

We hope we can inspire and encourage people to save for their own financial dreams and goals. After all, we started Chip and we’re on a mission to create the best savings account in the world entirely for that reason – we want to make saving effortless, easy and simple. So far, our over 400,000 users have saved over £770 million. In fact, the average chip saver sets aside £3,000 a year and reaches savings goals an average of five months earlier than those who don’t use the app. We’re here to help you save smart, not hard. ”


1) Own a yacht – 48%

2) Fly in a private jet – 48%

3) Luxury Holidays – 45%

4) Own a large house – 43%

5) Have a personal chef – 40%

6) Owning diamonds – 37%

7) Own expensive jewelry – 36%

8) Own premium cars – 35%

9) Own original artwork – 32%

10) Space travel – 32%

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