Saji Cheriyan in trouble as Congress approaches vigilance over his ‘wealth’, money line protest and assets

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala State Fisheries and Culture Minister Saji Cheriyan is in trouble as the Youth Congress decided to file a petition on his wealth to Vigilance, Lokayukta and also the Electoral Commission.

Cheriyan, 56, who represents Chengannur assembly constituency in Alappuzha district, is a close associate of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and although he has only been a lawmaker for almost four years, he has was appointed minister last year. He also got a promotion this year to a powerful CPI-M state secretariat and got very loud, which once got him in trouble.

After the public protests against the K-Rail project began, Cheriyan fought back against the protesters and he has now antagonized his own electorate who swore they would see he would not be elected next time around.

Cheriyan came under fire when former Home Secretary and former Congress lawmaker Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan said he had documents with him proving K-Rail’s alignment had been changed in order to save Cheriyan’s house .

To this, Cheriyan said he would only be happy to hand over his house which is worth more than Rs 5 crore for the project and the money made can be transferred to Radhakrishnan’s account with a request that the money be donated. in charity to a Pain and the palliative society of his hometown.

After his statement, Youth Congress workers unearthed his affidavit filed with his assembly election nomination, in which he says that the total assets belonging to his wife and him are only Rs 35 lakh .

The Youth Congress activists informed that they will file a petition against Cheriyan before the Vigilance, Lokayukta and Election Commission over this discrepancy.

Earlier, Cheriyan made a blunder when he stated categorically that there would be no buffer zone next to the K-Rail track, but his own party secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had to correct him and declared that there was a buffer zone. IANS

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