‘You broke a**’ – NFL analyst calls out Cooper Kupp signing wealth flex by Rams owner

For many, the Los Angeles Rams signing Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald for big extensions was as big a magic trick as coming home to a Lombardi Trophy. An NFL analyst has explained the real motivation behind dumping truckloads of cash into Kupp and Donald’s lap.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee Showeponymous host Pat McAfee basically explained the feat as just a flex of wealthy owner Stan Kroenke over other “less” lucky owners in the league.

“Cooper Kupp just signed the largest guaranteed contract in NFL wide receiver history, three years, $75 million guaranteed and three years, $80 million total. It’s a five-year extension. I guess they’re playing a bit of salary cap gymnastics with the over-the-cap situation because Kroenke has all the money.”

The $75 million guarantee given to Cooper Kupp now represents the highest guarantee ever given to an NFL wide receiver or non-QB offensive player.

He continued, listing the wide receiver’s accomplishments:

“Last year, obviously, he led the NFL in receptions with 178 [and] receiving yards at 2,425 yards after catching what we don’t talk about. But talk about the triple crown of receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. Yards after catch at 846, led the NFL in all for those stats last season [and] became the Super Bowl MVP. He’s an absolute dog.”

He went on to praise the wide receiver’s interesting signaling outfit:

“This guy is a stallion because normally the leader of YAC doesn’t have the deep ball touchdowns and all that kind. So to be able to be this big playmaker all the time. He obviously signed the new contract, the most guaranteed contract in NFL wide receiver history, in a Matthew Stafford jersey, basically saying thank you for that Detroit.”

Cooper Kupp’s $80 million, three-year extension includes $75 million guaranteed, per source.

He went on to explain how the landlord wanted the move to be perceived:

“I love it. This is great news for the Rams. And it continues to prove our point that the salary cap is a fugaze. The salary cap could be real for brokerage owners.” , you broke a **”, [says] billionaires, ‘you can’t do anything.'”

Finally, he described football as gambling with the haves and the have-nots:

“But for the wealthy owners, those who have cash on hand, the ability to put the money upfront and in escrow to keep the collateral, they will continue to enjoy it and benefit from it, just as Kroenke has. done with the Rams.”

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Cooper Kupp’s career

Cooper Kupp has had a phenomenal season
Cooper Kupp has had a phenomenal season

While most NFL wide receivers come from FBS colleges, Cooper Kupp went to FCS and played at Eastern Washington University. With college, he eventually became the face of the team, gaining at least 1,400 yards and 16 touchdowns each season.

The wide receiver was selected in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams. In his first two seasons, the wide receiver gained over 1,400 yards and 11 touchdowns. However, his first breakout season came in 2019, when he gained 1,161 yards and 10 touchdowns.

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In 2020, he rushed for 974 yards and three touchdowns, keeping fans optimistic, but no one saw the 2021 explosion coming until it happened. By the end of the year, the wide receiver had 145 catches, 1,947 yards and 16 touchdowns.

He also earned Super Bowl MVP due to his heroism in the Super Bowl, which was part of the Rams’ methodical winning campaign.

Heading into 2022, Kupp aims to prove that 2021 was no fluke. Either way, the contract is in ink and the wide receiver is as good as any in the history of the game.

Edited by Akshay Saraswat

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